Adobe Podcast AI Inside: The A1 Future of Podcasting

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Adobe Podcast AI Inside: The A1 Future of Podcasting

So have you heard the big news? Adobe just released a new AI tool for podcasters that’s about to seriously upgrade how you create your shows. Podcast AI is going to save you tons of time and make your episodes sound more professional than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just getting started, Podcast AI was designed with you in mind. It can help at every stage of production to simplify your workflow and give you back hours of your day. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how this AI-powered plugin works its magic so you can start using it to take your podcast to the next level. The future of podcasting is here, are you ready to embrace it?

Adobe Podcast AI
Adobe Podcast AI Inside: The A1 Future of Podcasting 2

What Is Adobe Podcast AI?

Adobe Podcast AI is a cloud-based service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your podcast audio and generate transcripts, captions, keywords, summaries, and more. This allows podcast creators to save time on tasks like transcription and focus on creating great content.

How Adobe Podcast AI Works

Adobe Podcast AI uses machine learning to analyze your audio files and automatically generate podcast edits like removing filler words, compressing silences, and normalizing volume levels. This allows you to produce higher quality podcasts in a fraction of the time. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have:

  • An accurate transcript of your entire podcast episode
  • Captions timed to your audio for video podcasts
  • A list of keywords and topics discussed to help with search optimization
  • A high-level summary of your podcast to help new listeners quickly understand what it’s about

This breaks down your raw audio into small segments and detects patterns to understand the content and context. It can distinguish between speech, music, and ambient noise. The AI then makes edits to improve the flow and quality of your podcast.

For example, the AI can detect and reduce filler words like “um” or “like” to make your speech sound more concise while preserving meaning. It can also compress moments of silence to speed up your podcast’s pace or balance the volume across multiple speakers so no one dominates the conversation.

The best part is Adobe Podcast AI does all of this automatically. You just upload your audio file, select the types of enhancements you want, and the AI does the rest. It’s fast, efficient, and allows you to focus on the creative parts of podcasting like conducting interviews, developing episode ideas, and engaging with your listeners.

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How To Use Adobe Podcast AI:

To use Adobe Podcast AI, first you need to sign up for an account on their website. Once you have access, Adobe Podcast AI is an easy to use tool that can help take your podcast production to the next level.

To create a podcast with Adobe Podcast AI, upload your audio files to the platform. You can either record directly on the website or upload existing files from your computer or cloud storage.

Adobe Podcast AI allows you to easily edit your audio. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, or rearrange segments of your audio by simply editing the corresponding text transcript. You can also customize the voices by adjusting pitch, speed, tone, and emotion.

Adobe Podcast AI generates an initial transcript of your raw audio, which you can then edit to your liking. Edit the transcript, and the audio will automatically update to match your changes. This allows you to quickly reword sentences, reorganize thoughts, or restructure sections without having to manually edit the audio.

Once you’ve edited the transcript and are happy with the flow and structure, you can then customize the voices. Choose between natural male and female voices, select an emotion like cheerful or empathetic, and adjust the pitch and speaking rate. These customizations will be applied to your edited transcript, generating a polished final audio file ready for your podcast.

The Benefits of Using Adobe Podcast AI

Adobe Podcast AI provides several useful benefits for podcast creators.

1. Edit Words

Edit your podcast audio by editing the transcript. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, or rearrange words in the transcript, and the audio will automatically sync with your changes. This makes editing audio as easy as editing text.

2. AI-Powered Audio

Enhance your podcast audio by applying filters, noise reduction, and more. Adobe Sensei AI handles the technical details so you can focus on your creative vision. It can remove background noise, level volume differences, and polish your audio quality.

3. Remote Recording

Sharing a link makes it simple to record with others, even when you’re not together in person. Adobe Podcast AI ensures that everyone records high-quality audio locally and then automatically synchronizes it in the cloud. This allows for seamless remote collaboration and recording.

4. Mic Check

The Mic Check feature uses AI to understand what a high-quality microphone setup sounds like. It then provides guidance to achieve that effect. Mic Check can detect issues with your microphone placement, levels, and more so you get professional-sounding audio from the start.

5. Project Templates

Get things moving faster by starting with a template, or design one yourself and share it with your team. Project templates contain pre-built sections, audio clips, images, and more so you can hit the ground running on your next podcast episode. Build on the template or customize it to suit your needs.

The Future of Podcasting With Adobe Podcast AI

The future of podcasting is exciting, and Adobe Podcast AI aims to make it even more accessible. This new tool uses artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the podcast production process.

Transcription Made Easy

Adobe Podcast AI can automatically transcribe your podcast episode audio into text. No more spending hours transcribing your episodes manually! The AI will convert your audio to text so you can easily edit the transcription, add shownotes, and even translate your episodes into other languages to reach wider audiences.

Smart Editing

The AI can detect “um’s,” awkward pauses, background noises, and repetition to suggest edits to improve the flow and clarity of your podcast. Accept or reject the suggestions with a single click. This smart editing allows you to polish your podcast quickly while maintaining your unique style.

SEO Optimization

Optimizing your podcast for search engines and social media is crucial for gaining new listeners. Adobe Podcast AI examines your episode transcripts and shownotes to recommend keywords, tags, and other metadata to improve your search ranking. Implementing these SEO suggestions is an easy way to increase the visibility and engagement with your podcast.

Multilingual Capabilities

Want to translate your podcast into Spanish, French, or Mandarin to tap into new listener bases? Adobe Podcast AI offers neural machine translation to automatically translate your transcripts and shownotes into over 40 languages. You can then have native speakers review the translations and make any needed corrections. Expanding into new languages and markets has never been so easy!

Adobe Podcast AI Pricing and Plans

Adobe Podcast AI offers a few different plans to suit your needs and budget. The good news is there’s a free plan to get you started!

The Free Plan

Adobe Podcast AI’s free plan gives you access to their basic podcast editing tools, including:

  • Automated transcription of your raw audio files
  • Basic editing features like trimming, fading, and normalizing audio
  • 5 hours of storage for your audio files and episodes
  • Analytics to see how your episodes are performing

The Pro Plan

For $19.99/month, the Pro plan gives you everything in the free plan plus:

  • Unlimited storage for your audio files and episodes
  • Advanced editing tools like noise reduction, EQ, and compression
  • Episode scheduling so you can queue up episodes to publish automatically
  • Customizable podcast website where you can embed your episodes
  • Priority support from the Adobe Podcast AI team

The Business Plan

Adobe Podcast AI’s Business plan starts at $49.99/month and includes all the features of the Pro plan plus:

  • Team access so you can collaborate with others
  • Custom branding to match your podcast’s visual style
  • Advanced analytics and insights to optimize your podcast
  • Phone support from the Adobe Podcast AI team


So there you have it, an inside look at how Adobe is revolutionizing podcasting with AI. The future is here, and it’s pretty exciting. As podcast creators, you now have access to cutting-edge tools powered by artificial intelligence that can enhance your show and make your life easier. Whether it’s automated transcription, intelligent editing, or personalized recommendations, Adobe Podcast AI has you covered. The best part is, this technology will only continue to improve over time. Who knows what other futuristic features Adobe has up their sleeve. The possibilities are endless. The future of podcasting is bright, all thanks to AI.


Q: Can Adobe Podcast AI transcribe podcasts in multiple languages?

A: Yes, Adobe Podcast AI supports multiple languages; however, the accuracy may vary based on accents and dialects.

Q: How can Adobe Podcast AI benefit businesses and organizations?

A: Adobe Podcast AI can help businesses and organizations produce engaging podcasts for marketing, brand building, and internal communications, thanks to its intelligent search and customized recommendation features.

Q: Is Adobe Podcast AI only for professional podcasters?

A: No, Adobe Podcast AI can be used by both professional podcasters and individuals who want to create podcasts as a hobby or for personal interest.

Q: Can Adobe Podcast AI edit out background noise in podcasts?

A: While Adobe Podcast AI can make edits and enhancements to podcasts, removing background noise may require additional audio editing tools.

Q: What are the potential challenges of using Adobe Podcast AI?

A: Some challenges include the accuracy of transcription, language recognition, and concerns regarding privacy and data security.

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