Neve Pro Addon DOWNLOAD Latest Version V2.6.4

Neve Pro Addon DOWNLOAD
Neve Pro Addon DOWNLOAD

Hey there! Have you been searching for a versatile yet lightweight WordPress theme to build your website? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. Neve Pro is a fast multipurpose theme that can do it all. Whether you need an online shop, portfolio, blog, or business website, Neve has got you covered. The best part? You can change everything to your heart’s content right from the WordPress customizer. No need to mess around with code or install a page builder. With Neve Pro, building your dream website is a breeze. Read on to find out how to download and install the latest version of Neve Pro, v2.6.4, for free.

Neve Pro Addon DOWNLOAD

What’s New in Neve Pro Addon Version 2.6.4

The latest version of Neve Pro Addon, version 2.6.4, brings some exciting new features and improvements to the theme. Here’s what’s new:

To start, you now have more options for blog post layouts. You can choose between a grid, masonry, or list layout for your blog posts. The grid and masonry options give your blog a more modern look, with posts of varying sizes stacked together. The list view provides a more traditional blog layout. Pick the option that suits your content and style best.

Neve Pro Addon 2.6.4 also includes multiple header and footer layouts. You have a choice of a centered logo, logo left, or logo right for your header. The footer now offers four layouts: minimal, centered, wide, and full-width. Change up your header and footer for a refreshed look, or stick with the defaults. The options are there if you want them.

For those of you with an online shop, 2.6.4 now lets you add a floating cart icon to the header so customers can easily view their cart and checkout. Little details like this improve the user experience and can lead to more sales.

Speaking of details, Neve Pro Addon 2.6.4 has enhanced styling for buttons, links, headings, and lists. Subtle upgrades make the theme look more polished and professional. Rounding out the updates are improved accessibility, new Container and Section paddings, and stability fixes.

Neve Pro Addon 2.6.4 brings useful additions and refinements to an already great theme. Check out everything new and see how it can enhance your website. The little touches make a big difference!

Key Features of the Neve Pro Addon Plugin

The Neve Pro Addon plugin unlocks premium features and advanced customization options for your Neve theme. With this plugin installed, you get access to:

  • Header and footer builder – Design your header and footer exactly how you want with this drag-and-drop builder. Add search bars, social icons, contact info, and more.
  • White label options – Remove the Neve branding from your site, including the theme link in the footer and the Neve admin page. This is perfect for client sites or if you want a completely custom design.
  • Additional header layouts – Get access to new header layout designs like centered, left aligned, and off-canvas.
  • WooCommerce extensions – Enhance your online shop with features like product tabs, related products, quick view, and a wishlist.
  • Blog layouts and post types – Additional blog layouts, post types, and templates to showcase your content. Options include grid, masonry, left sidebar, full width, and magazine.
  • Elementor widgets – Use Neve-specific Elementor widgets like icon box, dual button, stats counter, and more.
  • Typography options – 100+ Google Fonts to choose from and advanced controls for headings, body text, menus, and buttons. Fine-tune your site’s typography for the perfect look.
  • Color options – Access to the Neve color wheel with unlimited color choices as well as premade color palettes. Easily adjust primary, secondary, header, footer, and WooCommerce colors.
  • Support and updates – Get priority support and theme updates to make sure your website is protected and running smoothly.

Using the Neve Pro Theme Options

Customizing Your Theme

The Neve Pro theme gives you tons of options to make the theme your own. You can access all the settings from the WordPress Customizer.

  • Change your site’s color palette by choosing a preset or custom color for elements like:
  • Primary color: Used for buttons, links, and highlights.
  • Secondary color: Used for subtler accents.
  • Font color: Change the default text color.
  • Select a font family and size for headings and body text. The theme includes Google Fonts integration, so you have hundreds of fonts to choose from.
  • Enable or disable certain theme elements like:
  • Page header: Show or hide the page title and featured image.
  • Page footer: Choose to show site info, social links, and copyright in the footer.
  • Scroll to the top button: Display a button to scroll back to the top of the page.
  • Related posts: Show your related posts at the bottom of single posts.
  • Set a blog page as your homepage and choose a blog layout like:
  • Grid: Posts are shown in a grid layout with featured images.
  • List: A list of posts with small featured images on the left.
  • Full width: Posts span the full width of the page.
  • Select sidebar layouts for pages, posts, and the blog. You can show sidebars on the left or right or disable them for a full-width layout.
  • Enable WooCommerce support to create an online store. The Neve theme works great with WooCommerce, and you can customize the store’s appearance from the Customizer.

How to Install and Activate the Neve Pro Addon

To install the Neve Pro Addon, follow these simple steps:

Download the Neve Pro Addon

  1. First, purchase the Neve Pro Addon from Theme, and next, receive an email in your inbox with a link where you can download and get the license key.

Install the Neve Theme

  1. Make sure you have the Neve theme installed. If not, install and activate it. The Neve Pro Addon works only with the Neve theme.

Activate the License Key

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to appearance → Neve Options. Scroll down to the Neve Pro section.
  2. Enter a license key in the designated field and click “Activate License.” Your license key will activate the Neve Pro Addon.

Install the Neve Pro Addon Plugin

  1. Return to your WordPress admin dashboard. Click “Plugins Option,” then select “Add New Option.”
  2. Click on ” Button Of Upload Plugin” at the top of the page. Select the Neve Pro Addon .zip file you downloaded.
  3. Click “Install Now.” Once installed, click “Activate.”

Configure the Neve Pro Options

  1. Go to appearance → Neve Pro Options in your WordPress admin. You’ll find options to enable and configure the Neve Pro Addon features like the Blog Booster, WooCommerce Booster, Elementor Booster, Gutenberg Booster, and LifterLMS Booster.

FAQs: About Neve Pro Addon

Q: Is Neve Pro Addon Free?

No, Neve Pro Addon is a paid upgrade. It includes extra features and enhancements for the Neve theme that are not included in the free version. The Neve Pro Addon license starts at $59 for use on a single website.

Q: What Do I Get With Neve Pro Addon?

  • Access to pro elements like buttons, headlines, nav menus
  • Additional page templates like left sidebar, full width, blank canvas
  • WooCommerce integration for online stores
  • Extra widgets like icon list, counter, progress bar
  • Custom layouts with more control over sidebars and column widths
  • Demo content importer to quickly set up your site
  • Priority support from the Neve theme developers

Q: How Do I Install Neve Pro Addon?

  1. Purchase a Neve Pro Addon license on for the desired number of websites.
  2. Download the Neve Pro Addon .zip file, which will contain the theme and license key.
  3. Install the Neve theme and activate it.
  4. Install the Neve Pro Addon plugin and activate it.
  5. Enter your license key in the Neve Pro Addon settings page.
  6. The pro features will now be unlocked and available for use on your site!

Q: Will Neve Pro Addon Slow Down My Site?

No, Neve Pro Addon is designed to have a minimal impact on site performance. The pro features are loaded only on the pages where they are used. The core Neve theme is already optimized for speed, and Neve Pro Addon follows the same principles.

Q: Do I Need The Neve Theme To Use Neve Pro Addon?

Yes, Neve Pro Addon works exclusively with the Neve theme. It will not enable pro features on any other theme. So you do need to have the Neve theme installed and activated in order to use Neve Pro Addon.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Neve Pro Addon and how to download the latest version. This powerful addon gives you so much more control and customization options so you can make Neve truly your own. Whether you want to improve your blog, launch an online store, or build a business website, Neve Pro has you covered. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Go grab Neve Pro today and see how it can enhance your Neve experience. You won’t regret it!

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