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Have you been struggling to update your WordPress website with fresh content regularly? As a blogger or small business person, you understand how long it takes to manually search for and gather content to share with your readers. What if I informed you personally that there is a convenient method to automatically explore, uncover, and publish content from diverse online sources directly to your website? Well, the answer lies in the WP Automatic plugin.

ValvePress has developed this premium WordPress plugin, “WordPress AUTOMATIC PLUGIN,” and over 34,500 users have already purchased it. Using WP Automatic, you can automatically scrape content from sources like RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and more and publish it on your site on autopilot. No more worrying about filling your content calendar or manually searching for and posting content. WP Automatic handles the tasks for you, freeing up your good time to focus on the crucial elements of your business.


What Is WP Automatic Plugin?

WP Automatic is a plugin that automatically publishes content from different sources to your WordPress site. This handy tool is perfect for updating your blog or website with fresh content without manually writing new posts daily.

  • The plugin pulls content from RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and more. You provide the sources, and WP Automatic does the rest.
  • Content is automatically posted on the schedule you set. You can have new posts go live every few hours, daily, weekly—whatever works for your needs.
  • The plugin is customizable. You choose which content sources to pull from, how often to post, categories to file posts under, and more. You’re in full control of what gets published on your site.
  • Posts are optimized for search engines. WP Automatic adds images, tags, categories, and SEO titles to help your automatic posts rank well in search results.
  • Saves you time. This plugin eliminates the need to search for and curate new content manually. 
  • Reliable and secure. WP Automatic is a premium plugin that receives regular updates to make sure it remains compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Your site data is kept private and secure.

Key Features of the WP Automatic Plugin

The WP Automatic plugin has useful features to help you build an automated content site. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Schedule posts in advance. You can set posts to publish immediately or schedule them for the future. This is perfect if you want to line up content ahead of time.
  • Choose from multiple content sources. Pull content from RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and more. There are over 15 content sources to pick from.
  • Set filters and keywords. You have all control over what content gets posted. Apply filters by keyword, date, author, and other options to curate content relevant to your site.
  • Mix and match content types. Include a combination of blog posts, images, tweets, videos, and other media in your automated content. Keep things interesting for your readers.
  • Set posting frequency. You can schedule posts to publish every few hours, daily, weekly, or at whatever interval works for your needs. Change the frequency at any time.
  • Monitor and optimize. See detailed stats on your automated posts, like views, comments, and social shares. Then use that data to tweak your settings and improve performance over time.
  • Stay within Google’s guidelines. The WP Automatic plugin is designed to automatically post content in a way that complies with Google’s terms of service. Your site won’t be penalized for unnatural linking or spammy behavior.

How to Install and Activate the WP Automatic Plugin

To get the WP Automatic plugin up and running on your WordPress site, you’ll need to install and activate it. Here’s how:

Download the Plugin

  • Head to CodeCanyon and purchase the WP Automatic plugin. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll receive a zip file with the plugin.

Install the Plugin

  1. Log in to your WP admin main dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins Option > Select Add New.
  3. Click “Upload Plugin Option” at the top of the page.
  4. Please select the “zip file” that you downloaded and then click on “Install Now.”
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.

Activate the Plugin

  • Once installed, you’ll see WP Automatic in your list of plugins. Click “Activate” to turn it on.

Plugin Settings

  • Now that the plugin is activated, you’ll find it under Settings > WP Automatic.
  • Here you can configure all the plugin options like adding content sources, setting posting schedules, selecting categories and tags, and more.
  • Be sure to thoroughly review each setting to get the plugin working exactly as you want. You can always come back and tweak settings later on too.

With the WP Automatic plugin installed and activated on your site, you can automatically add content from various sources like RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Configuring the Plugin Settings

Once you’ve installed and activated the WP Automatic plugin, it’s time to configure the settings. This will allow you to customize how content is scraped and posted to your site.

General Settings

Under the General tab, you’ll find options like:

  • Post type: Choose between blog posts, pages, or custom post types. Blog posts are likely your best option.
  • Post status: Select draft, pending, or published. For auto-posting, publishing is recommended.
  • Post format: Choose standard, aside, gallery, etc. Stick with the standard for most content.
  • Featured image: Select a default post image if one isn’t found. You can leave this blank.
  • Categories: Choose default categories to assign posts to. You can select multiple categories.
  • Tags: Add default tags to apply to all posts. Separate tags with commas.


This section allows you to configure various content sources. You can scrape RSS feeds, websites, YouTube channels, and more. For each source, enter the URL and configure options like:

  • Selector: Choose what content to scrape (title, content, featured image, etc.).
  • Filters: Use filters to narrow down the content that’s scraped. For example, you can filter by keywords, date, author, etc.
  • Scheduling: Set how often you want to scrape and post content from each source. You can schedule different sources at different intervals.


Under the Posting tab, you’ll find additional options related to how posts are published, such as:

  • Post excerpt: Choose how the post excerpt is generated. You can use content from the source, generate an automatic excerpt or turn off excerpts.
  • Featured image: Select how featured images are handled. You can use images from the source, a default image you specify, or turn off featured images.
  • Duplicate content: Choose whether or not to check for duplicate content. It’s best to enable this to avoid posting the same content multiple times.
  • Link attribution: Decide if you want to give attribution to the source. It’s recommended to enable link attribution.

Using the Pre-Defined Templates

The WP Automatic plugin comes with several pre-made templates to get you started. These templates define the content source, filters, and posting options to scrape and publish content on your site automatically.

News Site Template

This template scrapes content from major news sources like CNN, Fox News, and BBC. You can select which news categories and sources you want to scrape from. New posts will be created on your site with the content from the news articles, images, and videos.

YouTube Template

If you want to post content from YouTube automatically, use this template. You can enter YouTube channel URLs or search for channels by topic. The plugin will scrape the video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails and embed the videos in posts on your site. This is great for building a video blog or keeping your site updated with the latest content from your favorite YouTube creators.

RSS Feed Template

For scraping content from RSS feeds, use this template. Enter the “Link” of the RSS feed you want to scrape, and the plugin will automatically import new items from the feed into posts on your WordPress site. This includes the RSS feed items’ content, images, and media.

  • Select how often you want the plugin to check for new content from the sources
  • Choose whether to create a new post for each item or combine multiple items into one post
  • Select which content elements you want to include, like title, content, images, videos, etc.
  • Customize the post format and featured image size, and add additional content if needed
  • Preview the posts before they are published on your site


Q: How does the WP Automatic Plugin work?

A: You configure the plugin with the content sources, keywords, categories, and posting frequency you want. It then searches those sources for new content that matches your criteria and automatically publishes posts on your site with images, videos, descriptions, and attribution. You can schedule posts in advance, and the plugin will automatically publish them at specified times.

Q: How much does the WP Automatic Plugin cost?

A: The WP Automatic Plugin is available on CodeCanyon for $28. It has one year of support and updates. Add-on packs are available for additional fees.

Q: Is the WP Automatic Plugin right for me?

A: The WP Automatic Plugin is ideal for bloggers, small business people, & anyone who wants a steady stream of new content on their WordPress site without manually finding and posting everything themselves. If your goal is to save time, boost traffic, and maintain a dynamic website, this plugin can handle the workload, enabling you to concentrate on other important tasks.


This an easy way to keep your WordPress site filled with fresh and engaging content without doing all the work yourself. For a small investment, the WP Automatic plugin can save you hours searching for and curating content to post. With a few clicks, you’ll have new blog posts, news articles, and social media updates published automatically on your site. Give your site readers more of what they want and boost your traffic, all while freeing up more of your time. It is a win-to-win if you ask me. Why not try the WP Automatic plugin – your site and readers will thank you!


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